The ADHD Brain

I’m honored that Metro Learning Solutions featured our work on cognitive profiles in ADHD: What an exciting study. We examined IQ test results from more than 5000 people with ADHD to look for trends in cognitive strengths and weaknesses across age groups. What we found was that attention was NOT the weakest cognitive skills in any of the age groups! Instead, we found that working memory, long-term memory, and processing speed were consistently the lowest skills across the lifespan. Take a look:

As you can see, “attention” was right in the middle. So, what does that mean for clinicians? We are targeting the wrong problem with our mainstream ADHD treatments. We need to choose interventions that address the greatest deficits. (And perhaps reconsider the name of the disorder in the first place. Is it really a deficit in attention??) Check out cognitive training for ADHD and the research supporting it. More to come…

From my brain to yours-

Dr. Amy

Amy Lawson Moore, PhD
Cognitive & Educational Psychologist
Research Director at Gibson Institute of Cognitive Research

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