Just Get Over It

Your Brain Needs Less Stress

A friend of mine struggled with childhood trauma for many years until one day her therapist said, “You need to get over it.” What? As a psychologist, my first reaction was to tell her to find a new therapist. You can’t dismiss a client’s trauma like that. What happened to validating her feelings? But she said something very profound that changed my mind in an instant. She said,

“I didn’t know you could do that. Just get over it. It had never crossed my mind that it was an option. Once he gave me permission to do it, I could. I’d had years of therapy and it was time. So, I got over it.”

Wow! What a game changer! The answer to stress management? Maybe. Will it be that simple for everyone? Maybe not. But it’s intriguing and hopeful. That’s a start.

I wrote the article below on the impact of stress on the brain last year for Modern Brain Journal. For those of you who need a scientific reason or two to convince you to get over all things stressful, read on…

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