Pandemic Parenting Tips from the American Psychological Association

I love when I can share tips that have been cultivated by other experts in brainy communities like the APA. Here are some great links to resources for moms and dads looking for a little advice on the challenges of parenting in a pandemic. Enjoy!

Support for Kids With ADHD During the Coronavirus Crisis (Child Mind Institute)
How to manage attention (yours and your child’s) to help kids thrive.

Comic: How To Turn Your Home Into A School Without Losing Your Sanity (NPR)
Support for parents who are managing their children’s learning at home.

UNICEF Kid Power: Brain Breaks
A series of videos that engage children in 5 minutes of intense physical activity to help them feel energized and empowered.

fit-Boost-Activity (Sanford Health)
A set of activity cards that K-5 students can draw at random to enhance physical fitness and mental alertness.


Guidance for Uncertain Times: Creating Structure and Routines for Children with ADHD (CHADD)
A short video lesson on how structure and routine help to manage the home and reduce problems before they begin.

Too Much Time Online? Suggestions for Limiting Media Use (CHADD)
Tips for setting limits on screen time for children with ADHD symptoms.

Parenting during a Pandemic: Tips for Parents Home for Extended Time Periods
Information on the importance of structure from the standpoints of disaster and parenting research.

From my brain to yours!

Dr. Amy

Amy Lawson Moore, PhD
Cognitive Psychologist, LearningRx World Headquarters
VP of Research, Gibson Institute of Cognitive Research

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