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Dr. Amy Moore

According to social media and blogging experts, this is the all-important “About Me” page where I humanize myself and make you love me. But, let’s face it, you’re either going to follow my blog because you already love me or because my work intrigues you, yes? But, I’ll humor the experts anyway and share a little human-ness about myself!

I’m a cognitive & educational psychologist in Colorado Springs, CO. Originally from South Carolina, I’m a transplant. The spouse of a retired Air Force fighter pilot and blissfully happy to be settled in one place now. (Even a cold place.) I’ve been married for more than two decades and we have three incredible sons, a well-behaved Golden Retriever, and a Tonkinese cat with a serious attitude problem. I have three degrees from the University of South Carolina — Go Gamecocks — and one from Capella University. Nope, I’m not an Ivy League scholar. I’m “state school” and “for-profit school” educated and credentialed. Get over it. I’m smart, I’ve been in the trenches my entire career, I can write circles around most academics, and I’m passionate about what I do. A PhD is a PhD. I earned it. (’nuff said.)

What exactly do I do? I work in the ever-evolving field of neuroscience. As the director of research at Gibson Institute of Cognitive Research, I research neuroplasticity-based training programs for children and adults with ADHD, learning struggles, brain injury, and age-related cognitive decline offered at LearningRx and BrainRx, the largest network of cognitive training centers in the world. I specialize in cognitive assessment and quantitative research, and I’m a former child development specialist and teacher of teachers. I’ve been working with struggling learners for 25+ years. So, that means I know a little bit about cognition and learning. I won’t bore you with details on this page. You can read my stuff yourself if you are so inclined. It’s published in peer-reviewed medical and psychology journals. And I’ve got a couple of books in the works–one on brain training research and one on the psychology of grace. But the blog? It’s not about me. It’s about really cool research on the brain. Read that. I’m excited you are here.

From my brain to yours-

Dr. Amy

Amy Lawson Moore, PhD
Cognitive & Educational Psychologist
Research Director at Gibson Institute of Cognitive Research

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I’m available for “expert” interviews, quotes, and contribution of guest articles on the following topics:
– cognition and learning
– brain training
– child development/early childhood education